Dallas Convention Center Entertainment

The Personalities
Choose from dancers, fortune tellers, gunfighters, magicians, celebrity look-a-likes, trick ropers and much more. Our professional cast of "characters" will amaze and entertain their way into your hearts.

The Shows
Eddie Deen offers fast paced, high energy stage shows that include audience participation, live music, and loads of fun for you and your guests. Shows include the exciting Hot Rockin Country, the Red Garter Review, and various dance acts.

The Contests
Eddie Deen’s energizing contests ensure participants will experience loads of fun and challenges. Each one is excellent for team building events or just kickin' back and having a good laugh with friends that is guaranteed to create lasting memories.

The Music
Eddie Deen has relationships with DJ’s and many talented musicians, including local, regional, and national acts. A variety of music styles is available...including both "Country" and "Western". Actually, the musicians will even add a little classic rock, R&B, Latino and familiar dance music to any party theme.

Eddie Deen understands that good entertainment, along with great food, and cold drinks, are critical to a successful event. Contact one of our event specialists for more information regarding an expansive list of entertainment options.