The Community

Eddie Deen is personally active in the South Dallas Community. He has taught his 'Internal Freedom' course at the Martin Luther King Community Court, Paul Quinn College, the International Street Church, Dallas Police Department, and the DISD.

At the MLK Court, parolees are sentenced to the class as a means to become beneficial contributers to society versus sent back to prison without an awareness of the underlying causes of their situation. Each Monday, new students are given the opportunity to go down the path of inner transformation. "We have to have leaders that grasp the understanding of the inner being and how the brain, eyes, ears, etc are tools that the consciousness uses to intepret the world. The child's brain is plastic and can be molded. What I am saying is that the adult brain is plastic, also. It just takes more effort and patience to bring the brain to another function. When the consciousness, the inner being can grasp the idea that they are the ones directing their life and that the brain is capable for neurogenesis, the ability to create new brain cells, then an old dog can learn new tricks. This is why we are doing the work we are at the college level. I believe that people beliefs are the causes of human failures, human depression, and human well being. You are what you believe to be true." says Eddie.

Beginning in early 2006, Eddie began teaching a life skills course at Paul Quinn College. Future teachers, coaches, & professionals are in attendance. The core of his teaching his a focus on the real intent behind education. To teach the indvidual to feel adequate and loveable. According to Eddie, "An education, based on free action, internal freedom, and personal responsibility is a much more superior and effective means of educating our students. Students who feel that their power is taken away will fall in the trap of entitlement, victimization, and disempowerment. What and how a student perceives his or her world will determine the outcome of his or her world." In 2007, he received an honorary Doctorate for his volunteer work at the college.

Along with his involvement in South Dallas, Eddie participates in many other local, statewide, and national non-profit organizations. He generously donates and sponsors events for:

Eddie sincerely believes that the purpose of life is to be beneficial to others.

In additon to being active in the community, Eddie Deen and Company is also active in preserving and protecting the environment.

Estimates these efforts have saved: